How Often Should Curly Hair Be Cut and Why?

So do you have naturally curly hair? Do you want to know how often should you cut curly hair? If so, pay close attention here.

While curly hair does draw the attention of charming men and the envy of women with straight hair, managing it can be a serious hassle. Having curly hair comes with a lot of complications. One of the main complications of having such hair is split ends. Curly HairThere are people with normal straight hair also suffer from split ends. But split ends tend to affect those with curly hair more often and a lot more severely. Split ends or trichoptilosis is a condition in which the hair splits itself into two or more strands due to the destruction of the protective cuticle near the end points of the hair. For women, this can be a serious issue as it will affect your appearance and also cause you pain in some cases.A split end can never be repaired no matter what you do. Women with curly hair are more susceptible to suffering from split ends than their counterparts with regular hair. The exact cause of split ends tends to vary.

Some causes include:

–  Sun damage

–  Hair dying (chemicals used in hair treatment products)

–  Shampoos

–  And so on.

When you notice that you have split ends, it is important that you deal with it immediately. There are some people who claim that you can actually have your split ends cured. But it isn’t the case. Split ends cannot be repaired and the best thing you can do when you’re suffering from the condition is to cut the hair. If you don’t cut the hair, the ends would grow upwards and cause even more trouble.

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Another problem a lot of women with curly hair experience is dryness. Curly hair is generally a lot drier in comparison to regular hair. Therefore, it’s a lot weaker and easier to break. Split ends are common among those with curly hair mainly because of the dryness. The dryness causes the protective cuticle to weaken and break easily.

So how often should you cut curly hair?

The exact answer to this question depends on your hair’s length and your hair. The best way to find out how often is to consult a hair expert. For most women, the recommended time frame is once every six weeks. Cutting curly hair at least once every six – eight weeks will keep conditions such as split ends at bay. split endsBut if you’re looking to keep your curly hair for longer without cutting, the MAIN enemy you’ll have to deal with is split ends. If you can prevent split ends and delay its appearance, you can grow your hair for as long as you want without cutting it. That’s what we are going to talk about in this article. We’re going to share some effective tricks that hair experts use to prevent split ends and keep the curly hairs of their clients without needing a cut for at least three – six months.

1. Keep your natural curls

One of the biggest mistakes women make when dealing with curly hair is that they tend to straighten it. Trying to straighten your curly hair is a waste especially in humid climates. The moment you step outside your house, your hair will go back to its usual curly state. Just stop trying to straighten your hair every now and then and let it be naturally. The more often you try to straighten your hair, the more likely the chance of the protective cuticle breaking.

2. Have your hair straightened professionally

If you truly desire straight hair and just don’t like curly hair anymore, you can have your hair professionally straightened. This is a better option than trying to straighten out your hair manually. Nicole Kidman is one star with super curly hair. But she sports straight hair every time she walks out of the red carpet. The secret is professional hair straightening. There are lots of professional hair straightening products that you can use such as the Brazilian Keratin Treatments and Japanese hair straightening treatment methods. You can choose a treatment method based on your budget and your hair texture.

We strongly encourage you to consult a hair expert that you trust and seek out personal advice before trying out any of the above mentioned hair straightening methods.

3. Deeply condition your hair regularly

Curly hair is easily susceptible to conditions such as dryness, frizz and dandruff. All of these things would contribute to split ends. Therefore, the only solution to help your hair recover from these conditions is deep conditioning.

Deep hair conditioning helps restore the moisture and nutrients your hair has lost. Try using natural oils such as mira hair oil to deeply condition your hair at least once or twice each week. The best time to do this would be on the weekends. mira hair oil shampooMake sure that you spread the oil throughout your hair. Massage the scalp as well. If you can’t do this on your own, we encourage you to do this with a friend. Once you’ve conditioned your hair with oil, let it dry for at least 60 – 90 minutes before taking a shower. Use a quality shampoo that you find at the best hair salons. These shampoos are a lot friendlier on your hair. Cheaper shampoos have a high concentration of silicon in order to make your hair shine. The problem with silicon is that it strips your hair of essential nutrients and oils. So make sure that you use a top notch shampoo.

4. Apply hair products in the right way

If you apply hair products such as dyes or shampoos on your hair, there is a right way to distribute it and a wrong way. Most women distribute the product from the top to the bottom. They start from the end points and the sides. This isn’t the best way to do it.

Rather, the best way to do it is to begin distribution of the product at places where your hair is dense and thick. And then you can move towards the thinner parts. This gives your hair an effective massage and helps weed out a lot of weakened hair at the ends quickly.

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