How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Hair grows everywhere! Except the soles of your feet, your lips, your palms and your eyes, excepting eyelashes. With all that hair, have you ever wondered how fast your hair can grow? The regular speed of hair growth is approximately 0.5 inches every month (1.25 cm/month). Each and every hair on your body goes through its own three stages. These are anagen, catagen and telagen phases. By the time the three stages are complete, the follicle restarts the process.

How many inches for year ?

This means that this process will allow your hair to grow 6 inches every year (about 15 cm). Have you ever wished you could grow hair faster? Of course, you need to take into consideration several factors that will make that number slightly vary. Some you can’t control, like genetics. Some you can, like diet and hair care.
Those 6 inches per year sometimes can seem pretty slow, and maybe you don’t have the patience for the snail race. That’s okay if you don’t want to wait. You don’t have to! You can turn those 0.5 inches into more if you want to. Like any car, the better the parts you put into it, the faster it’ll go. Your hair has parts it needs. The follicles have parts they need.

Vitamins are important for hair growth

Your follicles need Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B, Beta Carotene and other nutrients so that they can do what they need to do to grow at a steady, healthy pace. Most people’s diets aren’t adequate enough to actually give their scalp and follicles all they need to be able to speed up its growth. Pay more attention to your diet and consume leafy greens and foods rich in protein and you might improve that 0.5 inch per month.

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In local health food stores, there are natural hair growth pills that are specifically designed so you can improve the growth of hair. Instead of getting all the nutrients your hair needs from a radically altered diet, you can make it easier on yourself by consulting your local health food expert on which product will be right for you. Be sure to always read the list of all the ingredients in the supplements to ensure you will not be allergic to any of them.

What kind of shampoo do I need to use ?

Don’t stunt your hair’s growth by not giving it what it needs or by taking away what it already has so it becomes damaged and falls out. Abrasive shampoos will strip your hair of moisture, and excessive brushing of your hair will take more of it out on the brush. So be gentle on your hair and use hair friendly products and methods. Organic shampoos have all natural ingredients that won’t strip or damage your hair. Or maybe try a tested and proven hair growth shampoo.

Improve the speed at which your hair grows. You’re getting 0.5 inches when you could be getting more through small changes and regimented care. Turn those 6 inches into 8. Then go and tell everyone you know the secrets to healthy, fast hair growth, or keep them to yourself and let them wonder! Why don’t you see how fast you can make your hair grow this year?

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